Volunteer program

Our volunteer program is based on what each volunteer can offer to us in time & knowledge.

Teach our children your hobby & empower them

If you have a ability or hobby you feel can improve our children then you are welcome to offer your time to us.  Whether it is coming in once a week for an hour to read a book. Or if you would like to teach them how to create & make a product.  Anything & everything the public can offer our children to improve the abilities & empower them for the future are welcome.

Every pair of hands willing to give their muscle welcome.

If you don’t want to give a course but would like to come and volunteer your time in hard work.  Around the centre we have varies projects from gardening to building and every pair of hard labour hands is welcome.


Make it your own

If you have the time and are driven in running your own projects.  We have varies projects for example our BBB projects, our Buddy projects that you can make your own.  The projects works on the same concept as the shoe box project.  Their is a general need list for the centre for each project.  Make it your own under colleague & friends as a year project.  We are also open to new project ideas for fundraisers.  If you are sitting on an idea for a good fundraiser  contact us so that we can discuss it and you can start planning.





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