BBB Projects

Our BBB Projects is a initiative to collect empty glass bottles for our upliftment program at the Centre.  The empty glass bottles gets recycled to but reuse for homemade products.

The Boxes in the BBB Project is empty cereal boxes that we use in class and for varies projects in the centre.  The cereal box size is ideal for cut outs and are thin enough for cutting.

The Balls in the BBB Project.  This is an essential part at our centre that we cannot get enough off.  The balls can be any size, type or color.  The balls are used for varies aspects in the children’s teaching as well as for physical therapy & play time.  You would think it is something that you would buy ones but unfortunately we need this on a weekly basis.


If you have any of the B’s in our BBB projects you can drop it off at our Centre in Alwyndal or contact us for collection.


We thank you in advance for reading about our BBB Projects and hope to spread the word between family & friends.

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